The philosophy


Markus Seidl is the managing director of Mues Products & Moulds GmbH, which has produced injection moulds and plastic components for all branches of the industry for 40 years. Through its many years of experience in the injection moulding industry, Mues Products & Moulds naturally has an outstanding knowledge of all kinds of plastic. It requires a lot of technical knowledge to process high-quality materials.


In 2007, Markus Seidl decided to get a dog. As every dog owner, he pays exacting attention to the health of his four-legged friend. His hound is very lively and likes to be actively engaged. Every time that Markus Seidl bought a new toy for his beloved, he regretted it after a short while. Because it either broke quickly or his dog did not want to play with it.


In 2008, ÖKO-TEST published a report, in which commodities for animals were investigated for their contents. The negative results are known and, also, understandable, as 80% of toys are imports from Asia! After the report was published, the idea developed:


To manufacture commodities for animals from completely harmless materials.

After the idea, came the implementation. The Healthy Toys company was founded,

which is a subsidiary of the Mues Products & Moulds cop.